Term Dates:

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Last Day of School 2020 – Thursday 10th December, 2020 TBC

Waiouru Primary School Terms and Holidays 2020:

Term 1: Wednesday 29th January – Thursday 9th April

Term 2: Tuesday 28th April – Friday 3rd July

Term 3: Monday 20th July – Friday 25th September

Term 4 Monday 12th October – Wednesday 11th December (TBC)

School will also be closed on the following days
Waitangi Day Thursday, February 6
ANZAC Day Monday, April 27
Queen’s Birthday Monday, June 1
Labour Day Monday, October 26

General Information


Soccer Coaching With Sport Whanganui

Soccer Coaching With Sport Whanganui

If your child is sick or unable to attend school for all or part of the day, please phone the school by 8.45a.m. so that your child’s absence can be accounted for.  This is most important to alleviate any concerns about your child’s whereabouts.  If no communication has been received from parents then a member of the office staff will contact you by telephone.
 If an absence is planned for a special reason, a note or telephone call to the school in advance is appreciated.  In cases of prolonged absence, prior warning can enable work to be set or the dates of special class events changed.

Contact Numbers for Absentees:

Reception 06 3876860 email

Accidents and Sick Children:

A reasonable stock of First Aid items are kept at school in the First Aid Room.  All first aid administered will be recorded in the Blue First Aid Register.  Ice packs are kept in the school freezer in the staffroom; children may help themselves to ice packs but must inform the teacher that they have been used.  Children will not be given paracetamol, aspirin or any other medication without expressed parental permission.

School Donations:

We do not charge a school donation

Parental Contact:

If the principal is concerned about a student’s condition, parents will be contacted.  If deemed necessary by the principal and staff, children will be sent home if unwell or injured.  Parents will always be informed if a child receives a blow to the head on the day of the incident.

Attendance Register:

The attendance register will be filled out daily.  The roll will be called at the beginning of each school day, with the afternoon attendance filled out by the teacher straight after lunch.


The hours of attendance are:

Morning Block             9.00am     –     10.30am

Second Block                11.00am     –     12.00pm

Third Block                  12.30pm     –     1.30pm

Fourth Block                1.50pm       –      3.00pm


First Break                   10.30am    –     11.00am

Lunch Break                 12.00pm    –    12.30am

Afternoon Break            1.30 pm    –    1.50pm

Children are strongly encouraged to arrive at school on time.  Lateness or noticeably irregular attendance jeopardises a child’s learning.  Children should not arrive at school before 8.30am, unless prior arrangement has been made with the Principal.  Children are encouraged to leave school immediately after the completion of the school day.

Behaviour Management:

Here at Waiouru Primary School we strive to create an atmosphere that is caring, respectful and comfortable for all.  We actively encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour.  A ‘step system’ is used for dealing with children who choose not to be responsible.  Parents are informed and involved in the management of their child’s behaviour.  Alongside this, a reward system is used by the teachers.  Children who consistently show initiative and responsibility are encouraged by the teachers and their efforts given positive emphasis. For more information please refer to the Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy and Procedure on the School Website.

Bikes and Other Wheels:

Children from the age of eight years are encouraged to bike to school as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.  All children who ride their bikes, or use other wheeled toys such as skateboards and roller blades, at, to and from school must at all times wear an approved helmet.

Book Club:

Approximately twice a term children, if they wish, are able to order reasonably priced books for their own book shelves through the Scholastic Lucky Book Club scheme.  Parents are requested to send the correct money to school along with the order form.  Books are usually received two to three weeks after the orders close.

Children’s Toys and Games:

We prefer children to leave their toys and electronic equipment at home unless asked for a specific purpose e.g. Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  This helps to avoid incidents of upset children because their toys and electronic equipment have gone missing or have been broken.  If games and sports equipment are brought to school, the owners are responsible for the care of their property.
The school is always grateful for the donation of games and sports equipment that are in reasonable condition and are no longer used at home.  These can be used as wet weather games inside the classroom.

Communication with Parents:

Dialogue with parents is encouraged as this is beneficial to the understanding of the child and how they learn.  We have an open door policy and parents are welcome into the school at any time.  Parents should contact the school immediately if issues or problems arise. Our main forms of communication are through our Thursday notices (either paper or email), our school website, our text alerts and our school facebook page.


The school can supply all stationary, and consumables at a reasonable price (we sell at cost and make no profit).

Dental Care:

Once a year the mobile dental clinic visits Waiouru Primary School. The clinic regularly checks all students enrolled at Waiouru Primary School. If the dental nurse finds that extra work needs to be completed, parents transport children to the Taihape Dental Centre for dental care.


Our school has a Facebook Page.  This is an excellent way to keep in touch and informed of the latest happenings at Waiouru School.

Food – brainbreaks:

Students are encouraged to bring a healthy brainbreak snack to school to be eating during the long morning session.  This may be one of the following items: fruit or vegetables, plain popcorn (no powdered sugar or salt), plain unroasted nuts (no salts or flavours), or a piece of cheese.


These are an inevitable part of school life, with some children’s hair being more susceptible than others, no matter how clean. If you discover that your child has headlice, please let us know so that we can send out a general notice to all parents asking them to check heads. The notice includes what is available at the chemist to combat lice, and the cost of these treatments.

Home Learning:

In the junior classes reading is the most important aspect of schoolwork carried on in the home.  Children have ‘Success Books’ and home readers which come home most but not every night. Parents/caregivers sign the ‘Success Book’ and can make a comment as to whether the child enjoyed the story. The child and parent should read the story together.
Further up the school, reading may not be ‘set’ but we would hope it would be an established part of the child’s normal life pattern. Emphasis will change to learning mathematics tables, spelling words and collecting information for class discussion and written work.

Inside Behaviour at Lunchtime:

On wet days pupils may remain inside the school.  Children have a range of activities they may choose to occupy their time with.


Waiouru Primary School is fortunate in having a library available to children both for class periods and at lunch hours.  The school also supplements the library with long term loans from the National Library of New Zealand.

Lost Property:

Can you name your child’s clothes and property please?  Any lost property will be placed in the basket in the Learning Street.

School Lunches:

School lunches can be ordered Monday – Friday.

Medical and Permissions Enrolment Card:

Setting Up For the Waiouru Desert Gala

Setting Up For the Waiouru Desert Gala

Parents of all Waiouru Primary School students will be issued with a medical enrolment card on the day of their child’s entry into Waiouru Primary School.  Parents need to complete these forms and return them to school as soon as possible.  Please note any allergies your child may have.  All vaccination details are also required.


We don’t do newsletters. we use Facebook, emails, seesaw and Skoolloop app to communicate with our school community.

Primary Technology Programme (Manual – Year Seven and Eight):

Year Seven and Eight children attend the technology programme at Ohakune Primary School.


As a parent, how do I make an appointment to speak with the Principal? Please call the school office, 06 3876860 to make an appointment or just call in, Dianne would love to see you.

Questions and Concerns:

Small worries or concerns dealt with in the earliest instance are always more easily resolved than those allowed to ‘build up’ over a period of time. If you have any worries about your child at school, please communicate in the first instance with the teacher concerned.  If you feel that the matter needs to be taken further, please contact the Principal who will provide advice on what should be done next.

School Trips:

Day trips to cultural and sporting events are also taken through the year.  Parent transport is used and occasionally a bus.

Sending Money to School:

It is sometimes necessary to send money to school to pay for extra items such as book clubs, etc. Please send this in an envelope clearly marked with the child’s (or family) name, and details of what the money is for. If at all possible please send the correct change. Cheques are most acceptable and in all cases should be made out to Waiouru Primary School and crossed ‘not negotiable’.


It is illegal to smoke in the school grounds and buildings.

Special Needs and Abilities:

Individual programmes are developed to meet the needs of these students.

Creating, Imagining, and Innovating

Creating, Imagining, and Innovating

Vehicles in the School Grounds:

Parents are asked not to bring their cars into the school grounds between
8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. if possible. You will appreciate the need for safety at these times.


The Waiouru Primary School website is the best way to see current learning and teaching and to access any additional information not provided by this booklet.