Better Than Federer (Almost)

We are very lucky to have our lovely Sport Whanganui Coach, Marie Kinloch, coaching our Mana class in tennis this term.  The kids are really enjoying the lessons, and I am very impressed with their growing skill!  I guess we should probably hedge our bets now and work out a commission contract just in case one of them does make it to Wimbledon :-)

Ruapehu Kids Buster – Waimarino AMP Show

We have some very tough kids here at Waiouru School!  We had two amazing teams compete in this inaugural competition, and by the sounds of it (and the look of the pictures) they had an absolute blast.  A big thank you to the parent competitors and supports on the day.  You guys ROCK!

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Meet the Teacher Evening 2014

Here are some photos from our wonderful Meet the Teacher Evening.  It was great to see so many new and returning parents.  A big thank you to David Hill (WMTF) and Commander Williams for joining us for a sausage sizzle.  Remember our doors are always open, so do pop down and introduce yourself if your haven’t done so already :-)


Meet the Teacher 2014, a set on Flickr.

Welcome Back for 2014

Principal, Waiouru School

Principal, Waiouru School

I hope you are all well rested and ready to go for the new year!  We have had a cracker start to the year with 22 new children beginning the new year with us.  Welcome to all of our new families and welcome back to our old hands.  I would also like to welcome our two new teachers to our staff, Stacey Buchanan and Carie Webb, we are so pleased to have you both joining our school community.  Hopefully we will see many of you at our Meet the Teacher evening tonight, Kerry and I will make sure the sausages are hot! :-)


Kea’s Awesome Movie

Piwakawaka Love Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Mural

Dinosaur Mural

As part of our learning about dinosaurs and dragon, we painted a life sized Coelophysis and a T Rex leg on the ball wall at the end of the courts. Coelophysis is a meat eater and fossils of it have been found with smaller Coelphysis in their stomachs, meaning that they ate their own kind. There is also a life sized 5 year old and a life sized adult on the wall in red, for comparison.

The Waiouru School Cross Country

Thank you to all of our parent helpers and supporters on the day!!

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Cross Country Results:
Yr 0/1
1st Kayshana, 2nd Mereana, 3rd Nevaeh, 4th Michaela P, 5th Holly.
Yr 2/3
1st Awatea 2nd Mackenzie C, 3rd Michella K-M, 4th Breeanah, 5th Isabella.
Yr 4/5
1st Maddie, 2nd Marghret, 3rd Angel, 4th Morgan, 5th Chelsea.
Yr 6/7
1st Avalon, 2nd Kaea, 3rd Abilene, 4th Ellen.
1st Myah, 2nd Pipi, 3rd Annalise, 4th Karli, 5th Wini
Yr 0/1
1st Zinny, 2nd Kori, 3rd Hunter, 4th Nate, 5th Ihaia N.
Yr 2/3
1st Zanda, 2nd Ignatius, 3rd Teina, 4th Logan, 5th Maafu.
Yr 4/5
1st Kade, 2nd Ihaia M, 3rd Jordan, 4th Ethan, 5th Kennedy.
Yr 6/7
1st Carson, 2nd Jeshua, 3rd Marcus, 4th Kenneth, 5th Tamati.
Yr 8
1st Warren, 2nd Joshua, 3rd Karl.