Welcome Back to 2015

Standing Tall and Being Proud at Waiouru School.

Standing Tall and Being Proud at Waiouru School.

Welcome back everyone, I hope you are all refreshed and ready to start this new school year.  We are certainly off with a hiss and a roar, with all six of our classes full with eager new students.  Our class information page has been up dated so you can check our our new teachers and organisation – here.

This year we have two positions vacant on our Board of Trustees. If you are interested in being involved please pop in a speak to Kerry or myself.  It is a rewarding experience and a great way of supporting our hard working teachers and students.

Remember, you are always welcome to pop into school for a coffee or a chat if you have any concerns or queries.  All the best for 2015. Marama

Athletics Day

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Amazing Wearable Art from Taihape Area School

We had an amazing visit by the senior students from Taihape Area School to show us their Wearable Art Creations.  It was a great inspiration for our own students who are in the middle of creating their pieces for our Wearable Arts Show at the end of term three.  Thanks Mr McMillan and Mr Yates from bringing your students over.

Our First Snow Fall

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Here are some guest writers’ stories about the snow:

It is freezing outside and it is icy, very icy outside.  This snow is coming down. By Stuart.

I like the snow it is freezing.  I like making snow balls and snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. The snow went in my mouth it feels cold.  By Ariki.

I walk through the snow while I walk to the dentist. It is cold. My feet are wet.  Bits of snow fall from the sky.  It’s cold! By Andre.

I like snow because I like to make a snow house and  go snow boarding.  I like snow flakes because I like to eat it.  By Poutama.

Fluffy snow flakes falling from the sky covering the house, covering the houses, covering the grass, covering everything it sees.  Kids going cold home, mums and dads putting the fire on.  When you go ice skating watch out, don’t fall over and hurt yourself. But if you fall don’t blame it on me.  When you make a snow man don’t forget the nose.  I think you know how to make a snow man if you don’t just do what I do first make a big and a little snow ball.  Then you get some back and make a mouth and some eyes, get a carrot for the noses and sticks for the arms.  Don’t forget the hat and buttons.  By Polly.

Winter’s here. It’s as cold as an iceblock in Antarctica. Fluffy snow floats down on you.  Everything’s white.  SO it’s like a white world all around.  Children slipping and falling and making snow angels and having snow ball fights.  You step on the snow “crunch” you sink down.  You step back up and there is a footprint standing still.  Last time I made a snow man down in Otatara with a carrot nose and two pebble eyes.  Suddenly my dog Bella rushes up to the snowman over eating the carrot, the pebbles and the snow.  Then I look at her, she looks like a snow dog.  The snow stops and gets slower and slower then it’s completely stopped but it comes back rushes down and the fun begins again.  By Mackenzie.

The snow is very cold and the trees are covered in snow. I throw snowballs at people it goes down my back.  By Martin


Taihape Winter Tournament 2014

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Last Friday we ended the school week with the Taihape and Ruapehu Primary Schools Winter Tournament. This year the event was bigger than ever with 11 schools competing in Rugby, Football and Netball. There were students participating from Year Four through to Year Eight, in two divisions for each code, Year Four to Six and Year Seven and Eight. All in all the memorial park would have had approximately 400 young students enjoying the sports on offer throughout the day.

With all the rain we had throughout the week, everyone came prepared to get a little wet but the day was fabulous making the games much more enjoyable for all involved. It was great to see so many supporters out and about, the fields and courts were lined with spectators.

A huge thank you must go out to all the umpires, coaches, managers, and helpers that helped made this day a great success. A special mention to Jude who ran the netball on the day, every year this lady is asked to help out and every year she steps up without hesitation. To all the Taihape Area School senior students who umpired throughout the day, you guys did an amazing job.

This year, the results spread evenly throughout the schools involved, there was no one school that dominated the divisions. Results below;

Year Four to Six Netball = 1st TAS Gold;  2nd Raetihi;  3rd Moawhango

Year Seven and Eight Netball = 1st Magic Saints;  2nd TAS;  3rd Ohakune Skyscrapers

Year Four to Six Football = 1st Mangaweka A Team;  2nd Green Saints; 3rd Waiouru White

Year Seven and Eight Football = 1st White Saints;  2nd Ohakune Detonators;  3rd TAS

Year Four to Six Rugby = 1st Ohakune Dynamite;  2nd Raetihi;  3rd TAS

Year Seven and Eight Rugby = 1st Raetihi;  2nd Ohakune Eruptions;  3rd TAS

Winter Tournament Overall

Winner 2014 – Taihape Area School 20; Runner up – Saint Joseph Primary School 18; 3rd – Country Schools Combined 17

Sportsmanship and Fair Play Award 2014 – Waiouru Primary School

Well done to all schools involved on making Winter Tournament 2014 a success. At the end of the day there were plenty of tired but happy faces.

(Loni Martin, Taihape Area School)

Super Heroes Inquiry

The Super Heroes have been working hard on their Enviro-Inquiry into how to attract native birds to our school. Below is an excerpt cross-post from their classroom blog all about their current progress.  Why not take a look at their blog here and leave a comment?

Week 1 & 2:

We explored our school grounds. We used maps and recorded “What can we hear? see? smell? taste?”  You can see Malhi’s map below.
We then asked “What do we want to hear and see?” 
We noticed that we heard no birds, and we really want birds at school.
Week 3: Now we are learning about NZ native birds and how we can attract them to our school. We watch them on TVNZ’s “Meet the locals” and we listen to them to try to recognise the sound they make. We did a survey of our backyard where we looked for places where minibeasts and birds could safely live at school. Our very low green score showed us that we need to have a make over to bring more mini beasts in.  
How green is our backyard?
We are looking in the leaves for insects and worms.IMG_0539We found some spiders in webs near the office.IMG_0544

We have a few tall trees where birds can rest and nest away from the threat of cats.


We found some flaxes and kowhai trees. They will give birds some food.