Visitors’ Book

Welcome To Waiouru

Welcome To Waiouru

Welcome to the Waiouru Primary School Website!

We know that many people from all over the world like to visit our school website. Please leave a comment below and tell who you are and your connection to Waiouru School, especially if you are an ex-pupil!

33 comments on “Visitors’ Book

  1. I was a pupil at the school from 1965 to 1969. Took a trip through Waiouru two weeks ago and was really shocked to see the top school was no more. When did this happen.
    Am also shocked at how many houses are gone. In my day it was a really busy place, how times have changed. Even my home in Thornton Tce is earmarked to go, but our homes in Queere Drive and Bullot Place are still there.

    • Carol GIrven – This is very presumptive but ………..I was a pupil there 1961 (turned 5) to 1966 and have salvaged a few school photos 1964 and 1966 from betwwen family shifts etc but missing the others. Is it a possibility that you have any school class photos from Waiouru for 1965??. My apologies if this is cheeky but am at a loss as I cant retrieve from Old Friends (no longer in existence).
      We were the Barnfathers in Waiouru from late 1960 through to 1966.
      Thank you in anticipation.

  2. Fantastic town, great school. Attended waiouru primary 1988/-1991. Still have the title if being the only kid to near drown in the training pond.

  3. My first school – started in Sep 1952 for a year or so and came back again about 1955 – 1956 – have the photos for those two years then left again about 1957 or so – great memories there – loved playing in the trees – are they still there? Love your website – great stuff – keep it up and have a great year

  4. Went to Waiouru Primary from June 1958 to December 1960, then on to Ruapehu College. I was fresh out from England and it was a culture shock. But what a nice place Waiouru was to live in those days. I too remember playing in the trees at lunchtime. I seem to remember when they built the swimming pool, using that on a cold day was a bracing experience! I also remember the Fish & Chip shop in the shopping centre, it is probably the reason I needed a heart bypass!

    I remember a lot of the teachers, Mr Kenningston, Mr Leonard, Mr Gentle and the caretaker who was a Canadian I think. Sad to think they are probably all long gone now.

  5. Attended Waiouru Primary in the 1960s and have fond memories of tobogganing on sheets of plastic from the top to bottom playing fields in Winter. Eating fish and chips wrapped in paper, getting the Dandy and Beano comics and 6d/5c of mixed lollies meant happy kids. Attended brownies where Mum was Brown Owl and Dad was Akela to the scouts and both were involved with the Waiouru Players. It was a great place to spend a chidhood. Left in 1970 to go to Australia but will be visiting Waiouru in two weeks time with Mum . Please reply if you remember George and Gillian Barralet and would like to catch up when we visit.

    • Thanks janet form those lovely memories. Yep childhood in Waiouru in the 60’s. I was there from July 1961 to late 1966 until we shifted)
      I also remember the frozen milk in the glass bottles at morning break and straws and being monitor to help give it out….hehehe

  6. Hi Waiouru school. My name is Simon Hollander and I was at Waiouru School for Standard 3 (Mr. Pohatu), 4 (Mr. Hope), and Form 1 (Mr. Higgins) between 1985 and 1988. I was in classes in the upper school that I see are gone now. I have lived in Japan 17 years now – longer than NZ! Of all my memories of growing up in NZ, the time at Waiouru Primary really stands out. Love the photos of the mountain, and great to see the school has grown its great Maori culture programme. I have a son of my own who just started school here in Japan. I hope one day I can take him back on a trip to NZ and show him the main Primary I went to in NZ there. Great site guys!

  7. Hi! i attended Waiouru primary from 2007-2012 and left when Mrs Hagger did! I still remember the old school and all of the trees the public cut down only to get free fire wood in return. I have very fond memories of this school and all of the teachers especially Kerry Harding, my favorite office lady. I am 15 now and am hoping to come back to visit some time this year and cant wait! Waiouru Primary has got to be my favourite school yet, I loved it!

  8. Hi I attended waiouru primary from early 1952 till about may 1955
    We lived in stewart st about 3 doors down from the locomotive shed.
    Have some memories of playing in the old tanks and armoured vehicles rhat were stacked up waiting to go to japan for scrap. In those days there was still troop trains would come up to the old camp platform.

  9. Dear School
    Just wondering if it is a possibility for putting out a call in the school newsletters for some post of older school class photos. I was a pupil there July 1961 to late 1966 and am missing any photos we had for 1961 – 1963 and 1965. I do have a few (1964 and 1966) that I would be willing to share. There is no longer Old friends website and nothing on National Library as yet??

    Hoping this sparks a conversation

    Thank you
    Sue Bowers (NEE BARNFATHER – 6 Wakefield street while living in Waiouru for that time.

    • Hi Sue,
      We can try for you, unfortunately a lot of stuff was lost in the move from the old top school down to our new current location.
      Marama (Principal)

    • Hi Sue
      I was a pupil at Waiouru primary from 1962-1967, and lived for part of that time at 20 Wakefield St. There was a reunion some years back, and a commemorative book was issued. I’ll check if I still have it and if it has the photos you are looking for. Joanne

    • Any help would be gratefully received especially the school photos. Can’t ask or bug mum and dad as they have both passed in the last decade.
      We lived at 6 Wakefield street for our time in Waiouru.
      Thanks for anything that you may be able to do.

  10. Thanks – its worth trying anything to try and get them if at all possible.
    Thanks for whatever you can do.

    Warmest regard to hard working school staff.

  11. I started school in Waiouru. I lived there from 1950 to 1972. I was one of the Harrison’s. Have lots of memories of my life growing up with family all around me.

  12. I went to Waiouru School from 1967 to 1971 lived in Ruapehu rd . Was sad to see the top school gone, but the hill at back of the school where in winter we would slide down it on plastic bags, is still there. Would be great if there was any photos saved from that time.

    • I went to Waiouru School from 1969 until 1973. i remember the hill vividly.
      went to Ruapehu College afterwards. I think one of my younger sisters had Mr Pohatu as a teacher. I remember a Mr Rush. I also remember the strap.

  13. Kelly France
    Wow, went to this school 1980/81 to 1985/86. Mr Pohatu used to tell the class we were messy, dirty pigs and we must have all lived in pig styes haha.

    Mrs Dianne Boulton, beautiful woman with the meanest looking face when you were in trouble and you couldn’t run because she had an uncanny knack of sneaking up behind you and grabbing you buy the ear.

    Mr Hope on one outing to the swimming pool at the camp jumped in and saved one of us from drowning. 👍

    Mr Morgan when principal gave me the strap. He knew that I knew he was a friend of my grandparents ( both also teachers) and duly informed me that this fact would not give me a pass but he was happy to reduce the punishment from 3 hits to 1 hahaha.

    Was a great school to attend. Will never forget it.

  14. I was at the school between 1952 and 1955 (probably in the same class as Ron Barber who posted above!). We lived firstly at 1 Camp Road which at that time was on the corner of Campbell Cres, then at 10 Camp Road, then finally at 22 Weir Terrace. The first two houses went years ago, and more recently the last house – makes me feel old! My first headmaster was Mr Doug Kenningston the Mr MacDonald (sp?) arrived. Mr Kenningston wrote a school song but I can’t quite remember all the words. It was set to a well known piece of music which brass bands frequently play. Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever knew what the piece was called! I still have my Standard 1 class photo.

  15. I went to Waiouru School from 1969 until 1973. i remember the hill vividly.
    went to Ruapehu College afterwards. I think one of my younger sisters had Mr Pohatu as a teacher. I remember a Mr Rush. I also remember the strap.

  16. I went to this school in 1974 to 1976 and then again in 1978 to 1981 and then moved to Singapore and then to Linton. I hated Waiouru and school. always waged. wish I had of been more into school now that im older lol! It was such a cold isolated place but I did love the army museum. Mum worked there and I used to hang out waiting for her to finish work! I would love to find some of my old class mates. I was 5yrs old in 1974. Even though I hated Waiouru, I still have a fear few fond memories from back then

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