WE NEED YOU!! – Waiouru School Working Bee.

Are you available for our Waiouru School Working Bee?

Friday afternoon 20th November and Saturday Morning 21st November.

If you are able to help on either of these days we would really appreciate it, especially if you could help project manage different projects for the day.

Our plan of action is as follows:
Friday afternoon – All students will be engaged in the prep-work for the actual working bee day on Saturday. Please send your kids to school in old, working clothes that do not matter if they get a bit dirty, or painty. They will be involved with working on their classroom projects, as well as weeding, tidying, touching up paint, and moving stones from the in-school gardens to the front gardens outside the gates.

On Saturday we are asking for teams of workers to help us with the following projects:

  • Redoing our stony gardens with mulch – weed and tidy included.
  • Cement and lay the Ninja Ratas’ path between the office and classrooms.
  • Tidy and spruce up the Kiva (the concrete pit at the front, it’s actually a stage) with bright coloured paint or possibly a mural.
  • Bulk plant our Koru garden with tussock and plants transferred from other gardens.
  • Dig and plant the Minion’s Tyre Dragon.
  • Build a mini fort on the large stump at the back.
  • Dig and build a couple of jumps on Rangatahi’s bike track.
  • Build a Sandpit – under purple shade sail.
  • Transporting sand from the old Daycare to the new sandpit.
  • Box in Mana’s garden.

Louise Tweeddale has taken on the role of co-ordinating and sourcing materials. What we need now are a few adults who will lead the different projects by telling Louise what is needed and managing the working parties on the day. Please click on the link below for an online sign up form or alternatively speak to Kerry to put your name down.


Here’s a gallery of the potential projects on the day:

Piwakawaka Are Chicken Scientists

Piwakawaka's Chickens Piwakawaka, thanks to a huge amount of help from their parents, have built a school chicken coop. We have kindly been donated five chickens from the Walker family, and now our little guys have their own chicken farming enterprise!! The chickens will be feed with food scraps, and supplemented with chicken feed. Eggs will be sold at the office to pay for the chicken feed. Now I was a little sceptical that the chicken would lay (I thought the move and getting used to 86 children staring at them might put them off), but low and behold, Piwakawaka came in to show me TWO EGGs!! they had gathered this morning! Well done Piwakawaka and helpers. On a side note, Katrina told me that they are actually ex-battery farm chickens who didn’t have any feathers and were too afraid to leave their house. Doesn’t it feel good to give these creatures and good home, and to provide the kids in our community with such a powerful learning opportunity.Feeding The Chickens