Prize Giving 2014

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Every year we hold our school Prize Giving at Rongo-maraeroa-o-nga-hau-e-wha, Army Marae.  This is a very special day for our whole school.  Below is the Principal’s speech to the Year Eights, and the Korowai Holder’s speech to the new 2015 Korowai Holder.  Below that are our award recipients for 2014.

Principal’s Speech:

Every year I say this, but every year it is true. Some time during the end of term three, start of term four. Our year eight kids all of a sudden, evolve in to young adults ready for their next stage in their life.

And you always forget that this is going to happen, school is such a busy place, in particular this year – though that might just be me with my recent transformation to a ‘mum’.

You know we, the teachers, always get so excited about the opportunities for the year, the exciting learning we can engage in, meeting new kids welcoming back our old ones. You see the little whirlwinds of energy tumble through the new entrant classroom door … then you blink and it November and you see these confident young people getting ready to walk out our school doors for the last time. And you think to yourself, how did we get here already?

And then I think, oh rats, is it that time of your already what am I going to say to these kids at prize giving? Though quietly, I did have an evil thought at 3am, “How long to I have to be at a school before I can start recycling my speeches??” Hmmmm, I’m sure my high school principal only had a two year cycle … don’t worry I didn’t boos.

Well luckily I had a bit of help this year. At the beginning of the last holiday break Mrs Corbett gave me a book to read. It was called “Wonder”. Now it was a very good book, it was about a young boy and his first year at what americans call “middle school”. I won’t spoil the plot for you but I will touch on a major theme that ran through the entire book and actually made me stop and think.

The english teacher in the book, Mr Browne, would each month offer a precept to his class to think on. Now for you young people behind me, precepts are, as Mr Browne explains in the book, rules about really important things. Like a motto, or a famous quote. Any saying or ground rule that can motivate you. Basically, a precept is anything that helps guide us when making decisions about really important things.
Mr Browne focused on precepts which were guidelines about who we are as a person. Now several of his precepts really struck a cord with me, and two in particular made made me think of our year eight leavers today. Some advice for your future from Mr Browne:

precept number one:
“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.”

Now my translation:
Doing all of the good that you can includes being good to yourself … choose to believe in yourself: sometimes life is hard and feel like rubbish but always know that you are amazing and your worth is immeasurable. We know, we have see it, your teachers, your family, your community. We have seen you grow and become who you are.

All of you are amazing, wonderful young people and we are proud of you. Every single one of you.

Your lives are just beginning, it’s now your turn to take the reins: (and now for precept number two) Follow the day, and reach for the sun!

The Korowai Holder’s Speech:

Korowai Holder 2014

Korowai Holder 2014

Maloelelei my name is Jabez and I and the 2014 Korowai holder.  I’m a year 7 boy and this year had many challenges for me.  The Korowai holder is the leader of the school. He/she will have to set a good example for the younger children.  It is not easy being the Korowai holder and it is not easy to become one. To be the Korowai holder you need to learn discipline, kindness, and leadership.  When I was announced the Korowai holder back last year it gave me a big surprise. I was a bit under the weather as you say when I didn’t get any certificates. But when I was announced that I was the Korowai holder I knew that I had to show leadership and teach the little children what’s good and bad.  Out of all the children in Mana class (except for the Year Eights) one child boy/girl will take my place of being Korowai holder, like what happened last year with Carson. ANother thing you should know about the Korowai holder is he/she stood up and showed leadership. Kindness to the new children and most importantly helping others in need.  And you’re not chosen because you are the best, you are chosen because you did all those things I said.  Thank you for listening, and best of luck to the new Korowai holder.

2014 Awards and Cups:

Technology Award: Dontaye Mihinui and Timothy Browne

S & M Vine Fairplay Cup: Junior – Jason Young; Intermediate – Cullen Cross; Senior – Makere Gregory

Wanganui Savings Bank Cup for helpfulness and cheerfulness: Junior – Isabella Tweeddale; Intermediate – Kayla Jordan; Senior – Rejoyce Vitata

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Midget: Boy: Kori Rata and Zinadarne Taumata-Niania-Taputoro; Girl: Mackenzie Cole

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Junior: Boy – Kade Gates Girl – Awatea Hepi

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Intermediate: Boy:Cullen Cross Girl:Olivia Foote

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Senior: Boy: Carson Hepi Girl: Makere Gregory

Waiouru Primary School Most Promising Cross Country Runner: Zinadarne Taumata-Niania-Taputoro

Harding Trophy For Excellence in Computer Skills: Kenneth Long

Rongo-marae-roa-o-nga-hau-e-wha Taonga for positive attitude towards Te Reo and Tikanga Maori: Michella Kingi-Mareikura

Joe Pohatu Prize for Cultural Leadership: Carson Hepi

Waiouru Enviro Cup: The Superheroes

WPS House Shield: Ngauruhoe

Waiouru School Academic Achievement Cup for best overall academic student: Kenneth Long

Korowai holder 2015(school leader): Rejoyce Vitata

Academic Awards

Year One: Tanesia Burt

Year Two: Harry Alexander

Year Three: Mackenzie Cole

Year Four: Orton Long

Year Five: Sean Foote

Year Six: Mackenzie Hulena

Year Seven: Olivia Foote

Class Certificates:

Mana Class Certificates:

Most Improved: Cullen Cross

Love of Learning: Connor Halliday

Respect, Honour: John Bosman

Thunderbolt Class Certificates:

Class Certificates:

Most Improved: Ethan Reid

Love of Learning: Liz Vitata

Respect, Honour: Madison Cole

Kea Class Certificates:

Most Improved: Loneet Velaidan

Love of Learning: Jamie Taikoto

Respect, Honour: Andre Edmonds

Superheroes Class Certificates:

Most Improved: Miapou Tupouohomohema

Love of Learning: Caitlyn Hughes

Respect & Honour: Stuart Rose-Sinclair

Karaka Class Certificates:

Most Improved: Michaela Parker

Love of Learning: Tessa Wiseman

Respect & Honour: Ihaia Nathan

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