Local Gymnastics’ Achievements

Four local Waiouru Primary School students are a part of the Taihape Gymsports Competitive Gymnastics Team and have been recently competing in events around the North Island.

Hunter and Cullen Cross have both competed in the Hasting Comp 21-22 May and then again with Elaina Vine and Malhi McClay competing in Wanganui 28-29 May. For Elaina and Malhi this was their first competition for the gym season.

They are also more comps ahead and a lot more dedication and hard work to come.

Hastings Competition Results:

  • Hunter (Level 2): 2nd Parallel bars, 2nd Vault, 3rd Rings, 2nd pommel, 2nd floor and 2nd Overall and part of team who got top gym award
  • Cullen (Level 2): 1st pommel, 2nd Parallel bars, 3rd Rings, 3rd High bars and 3rd Overall and 1st Team overall and part of team who got top gym award

Whanganui Competition Results:

  • Elaina (Step 1): 3rd Uneven Bars
  • Malhi (Step 1): participation
  • Hunter (Level 2): 2nd equal Rings, 2nd Floor, 3rd on Parallel bars, and 3rd Overall
  • Cullen (Level 4): 2nd Parallel bars, 3rd Rings, 3rd High bar, 3rd Pommel, 3rd Vault, 3rd Floor, and 3rd Overall

We wish them all the best for their next competition which will be held in Palmerston North 18-19th June.

Thanks to Amie Vine for the Photos and the Write Up.

Cross Country Courses

As promised last week here are the maps with the cross country courses for our school cross country.  This event is being held on Tuesday 1st September behind the WOs and SNOs.

Here is a preliminary timetable for the day:

Time: Notes:
11:10am Classes to be changed and lined up by this time ready to walk to cross country.
11:15am Leave school to walk to course.
11:45am Arrive, seat children into race groups, boys and girls. Housekeeping, rules, organisation, welcome any parents etc.
12pm Year 0-1 Race
12:10pm Year 6/7/8 Race (Record Year 8’s separately for interschool events).

Year 4-5 Race.

12:20pm Year 2-3 Race
1:00pm Adults race
1:30pm approx Return to school once last race is complete, area tidy etc.

Please contact Stacey if you have any questions or have an offer to help as a marshal on the day.  Maps are below if you wish to train.

Year Four and Five

Year Four and Five

Year One Race

Year One Race

Year Six, Seven and Eight

Year Six, Seven and Eight

Year Two and Three

Year Two and Three

2015 School Swimming Sports

Last Friday we had our school swimming sports, all of our children did so well with most of our students participating in at least one event.  We are so lucky to have this facility to use with out cost, that we can just pop down and use anytime.  I speak to so many principals about the thousands of dollars they spend on up keeping their school pools or paying for transport and fees to use a council pool.  So thank you so much to WMTF for allowing use to use these facilities.  Kerry will post the results when she gets back from Ozzy (she doesn’t know she’s doing that yet … thanks Kerry but you shouldn’t leave me alone for so long!).

Thank you to Mrs Downey for taking these photos!

Taihape Winter Tournament 2014

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Last Friday we ended the school week with the Taihape and Ruapehu Primary Schools Winter Tournament. This year the event was bigger than ever with 11 schools competing in Rugby, Football and Netball. There were students participating from Year Four through to Year Eight, in two divisions for each code, Year Four to Six and Year Seven and Eight. All in all the memorial park would have had approximately 400 young students enjoying the sports on offer throughout the day.

With all the rain we had throughout the week, everyone came prepared to get a little wet but the day was fabulous making the games much more enjoyable for all involved. It was great to see so many supporters out and about, the fields and courts were lined with spectators.

A huge thank you must go out to all the umpires, coaches, managers, and helpers that helped made this day a great success. A special mention to Jude who ran the netball on the day, every year this lady is asked to help out and every year she steps up without hesitation. To all the Taihape Area School senior students who umpired throughout the day, you guys did an amazing job.

This year, the results spread evenly throughout the schools involved, there was no one school that dominated the divisions. Results below;

Year Four to Six Netball = 1st TAS Gold;  2nd Raetihi;  3rd Moawhango

Year Seven and Eight Netball = 1st Magic Saints;  2nd TAS;  3rd Ohakune Skyscrapers

Year Four to Six Football = 1st Mangaweka A Team;  2nd Green Saints; 3rd Waiouru White

Year Seven and Eight Football = 1st White Saints;  2nd Ohakune Detonators;  3rd TAS

Year Four to Six Rugby = 1st Ohakune Dynamite;  2nd Raetihi;  3rd TAS

Year Seven and Eight Rugby = 1st Raetihi;  2nd Ohakune Eruptions;  3rd TAS

Winter Tournament Overall

Winner 2014 – Taihape Area School 20; Runner up – Saint Joseph Primary School 18; 3rd – Country Schools Combined 17

Sportsmanship and Fair Play Award 2014 – Waiouru Primary School

Well done to all schools involved on making Winter Tournament 2014 a success. At the end of the day there were plenty of tired but happy faces.

(Loni Martin, Taihape Area School)

Better Than Federer (Almost)

We are very lucky to have our lovely Sport Whanganui Coach, Marie Kinloch, coaching our Mana class in tennis this term.  The kids are really enjoying the lessons, and I am very impressed with their growing skill!  I guess we should probably hedge our bets now and work out a commission contract just in case one of them does make it to Wimbledon 🙂

Ruapehu Kids Buster – Waimarino AMP Show

We have some very tough kids here at Waiouru School!  We had two amazing teams compete in this inaugural competition, and by the sounds of it (and the look of the pictures) they had an absolute blast.  A big thank you to the parent competitors and supports on the day.  You guys ROCK!

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The Waiouru School Cross Country

Thank you to all of our parent helpers and supporters on the day!!

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Cross Country Results:
Yr 0/1
1st Kayshana, 2nd Mereana, 3rd Nevaeh, 4th Michaela P, 5th Holly.
Yr 2/3
1st Awatea 2nd Mackenzie C, 3rd Michella K-M, 4th Breeanah, 5th Isabella.
Yr 4/5
1st Maddie, 2nd Marghret, 3rd Angel, 4th Morgan, 5th Chelsea.
Yr 6/7
1st Avalon, 2nd Kaea, 3rd Abilene, 4th Ellen.
1st Myah, 2nd Pipi, 3rd Annalise, 4th Karli, 5th Wini
Yr 0/1
1st Zinny, 2nd Kori, 3rd Hunter, 4th Nate, 5th Ihaia N.
Yr 2/3
1st Zanda, 2nd Ignatius, 3rd Teina, 4th Logan, 5th Maafu.
Yr 4/5
1st Kade, 2nd Ihaia M, 3rd Jordan, 4th Ethan, 5th Kennedy.
Yr 6/7
1st Carson, 2nd Jeshua, 3rd Marcus, 4th Kenneth, 5th Tamati.
Yr 8
1st Warren, 2nd Joshua, 3rd Karl.

Are Toutouwai The Next All Whites?

Toutouwai are very lucky to be part of the Sport Whanganui Fundamental Skills Coaching Sessions.  These sessions target students in the Year Four and Five age group to improve their Fundamental Movement Skills across a range of sports.  This term the focus is around soccer.  Steve and Norman, from Sport Whanganui, work with Toutouwai around soccer every Friday.  Here are a few photos of our kids getting into the swing of things.