Go The Mighty All Blacks

Go The All Blacks!!

Go The All Blacks!!

It’s been a busy week this week at Waiouru School!  Here’s a wrap up of what’s been going on around the school via some of our class blogs …

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Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

Kia Ora Koutou,

To kick off our celebration of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, I would like to share a beautiful speech by a rather talented young Kapiti College student.  As a proud owner of a Māori name, with a son who also has a Māori name, I can really relate to how important it is for people to at the very least try their best to pronounce your name correctly. A name is a special thing, it’s the very first gift given to you.  Here is a link to a rather good page with explanations and recordings to help you on your pronunciation journey.

Matariki Family Fun Day

For Matariki this year we had a fun family art day with a shared lunch with our mums and dads who were able to pop down during their lunch break.  Our classes have been busy creating large pieces of art which we can put up in our shared spaces around the school.  Here are a few photos of the construction of our art, I will put up photos of the finished pieces once they are completed.

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Super Heroes Inquiry

The Super Heroes have been working hard on their Enviro-Inquiry into how to attract native birds to our school. Below is an excerpt cross-post from their classroom blog all about their current progress.  Why not take a look at their blog here and leave a comment?

Week 1 & 2:

We explored our school grounds. We used maps and recorded “What can we hear? see? smell? taste?”  You can see Malhi’s map below.
We then asked “What do we want to hear and see?” 
We noticed that we heard no birds, and we really want birds at school.
Week 3: Now we are learning about NZ native birds and how we can attract them to our school. We watch them on TVNZ’s “Meet the locals” and we listen to them to try to recognise the sound they make. We did a survey of our backyard where we looked for places where minibeasts and birds could safely live at school. Our very low green score showed us that we need to have a make over to bring more mini beasts in.  
How green is our backyard?
We are looking in the leaves for insects and worms.IMG_0539We found some spiders in webs near the office.IMG_0544

We have a few tall trees where birds can rest and nest away from the threat of cats.


We found some flaxes and kowhai trees. They will give birds some food.

Piwakawaka Love Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Mural

Dinosaur Mural

As part of our learning about dinosaurs and dragon, we painted a life sized Coelophysis and a T Rex leg on the ball wall at the end of the courts. Coelophysis is a meat eater and fossils of it have been found with smaller Coelphysis in their stomachs, meaning that they ate their own kind. There is also a life sized 5 year old and a life sized adult on the wall in red, for comparison.

Waiouru School Science Fair

Well today has been a very busy science day. Our displays have been set up in the hall and will be open to public viewing once the judging is complete. There has been a lot of work put into our science fair, both at home and at school. Thank you to all of our families for supporting our students with their learning. Kim Basse the principal of Ruapehu College, came over this morning to help us with judging our science fair. She was very impressed with the calibre of our displays and experiments and wanted me to pass on a few words.

Mrs Basse: I can see that a lot of work has gone into these displays. It is great to see that students had help from parents, especially to purchase materials. It is good to see what the students were interested in and how they were researching. It is obvious that some Waiouru School students are budding scientists, which is fantastic as science is such an important part of school and learning.

I am pleased to announce our Science Fair Winners for 2013.

The Year 7 & 8 Category:

Overall Winner: Avalon Beker
Finalists: William Smith, Annalise Ziarno, Warren Williams and Kenneth Long

The Year 5 & 6 Category:

Overall Winner: Johnny Bosmann
Finalists: George Alabaster, Te Taumata Nelio, Jabez Tupouohomohema, Marcus Garven

The Year 3 & 4 Category:

Overall Winner: Kade Gates
Finalists: Harrison Walker, Kayla Jordan, Marghret Dekaetavara, Silas McNaught

The Year 1 & 2 Category:

Winners: Kayshana Rapana-Phillips and Mereana Wharewera
Kayleb Stevens and Linkin Harding-Gray

The Highly Commended Category:

Nani Fifita
Isabella Tweeddale
Orton Long
Sandar Beker
Anthony Tupouohomohema
Chelsea Masada
Elaina Vine
Romeo Oldehaver