We Are All Unique

At Harold  we learnt that everyone is unique. No two people are, ever have been or ever will be the same! Here is a video Infinity made showing that we are all unique but that is 100% okay!


Bullying – By Infinity Class

Infinity wanted to share with you a video that they have been working really hard on over the past few days. We have had a couple of really good talks about bullying and its effect on others. We decided to make a video to show this week at assembly about what bullying does and how it is not okay. The kids are super proud of what they have created. Well done to them!! #bullying



In New Zealand it is expected that all public schools will consult with their communities when developing health and sexuality programmes in their schools. It has been two years since the last round of health consultation was completed so we would appreciate it if you could please complete this survey and return it to school by Friday 17th March.


Thank you for your time.