Prize Giving 2018


Shan Zhanshi

Most Improved:Jason Young & James Tweeddale

Passion for Learning:Maia Allen

Citizenship & Leadership: Isabella Tweeddale

The Zones

Most Improved: Neil Hakopes & Ahurei Salmon

Passion for Learning:Lawson Foster

Citizenship & Leadership: Tyrell Nathan


Most Improved:Cyprus Martin

Passion for Learning: Marshall Tweeddale

Citizenship & Leadership: Florida Harding-Gray


Most Improved: Olivia Rowe

Passion for Learning:Yasmin Blyth

Citizenship & Leadership: Brodie Foster

Thunder Lions

Most Improved: Hunter Hutchins-Gaw

Passion for Learning: Tawhai Broughton

Citizenship & Leadership:Ryder Cross

Academic Awards 2018
Year One Isla Wilton
Year Two Naevia Parkinson & Zayden Pickering
Year Three Mikayla Taitoko & Layla Choat
Year Four Lily Wilton
Year Five Maia Allen
Year Six Kāhu Koopu
Year Seven Jamie Taitoko


Special Awards


Technology Award  

Isabella Tweeddale – Highest Achievement

Crighton Parkinson –  Most Improved


Waiouru RSA Women’s section trophy Junior Speechmaker

Year Five and Six


Maia Allen

Mikaela Parker


Waiouru RSA Women’s section trophy Senior Speechmaker

Year Seven and Eight


Cooper Madsen



S & M Vine Fairplay Cup

Junior – Year Four and Under

Intermediate – Year Five and Six

Senior – Year Seven and Eight


Junior – Isla Wilton

Intermediate – James Tweeddale

Senior –  Aroha Lima



Wanganui Savings Bank Cup for helpfulness and cheerfulness

Junior – Year Four and Under

Intermediate – Year Five and Six

Senior – Year Seven and Eight


Junior – Isabella Stephens

Intermediate – Anika Stace

Senior – Ronnie Hakopes

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup Midget

Year Two and Three


Boy Eli Waqatairewa

Girl Fenn Lewellen

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup  Junior Boy/Junior Girl

Year Four and Five


Boy Ihaia Nathan

Girl Michaela Parker

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup  Intermediate Boy/Intermediate Girl

Year Six and Seven


Boy Tyrell Nathan

Girl Mereana Wharewera

Waiouru Primary Sports Cup  Senior Boy/Senior Girl

Year Eight


Boy Crighton Parkinson

Girl Aroha Lima

Waiouru Primary School Most Promising Cross Country Runner  – Running for the love of it


Hunter Cross
Harding Trophy For Excellence in Computer Skills


Linkin Harding-Gray
Joss Richardson Instrumental Music Trophy


Amelia Bethell
Rongo-marae-roa-o-nga-hau-e-wha Taonga for positive attitude towards Te Reo and Tikanga Maori


Tawhai Broughton & Naevia Parkinson
Joe Pohatu Prize for Cultural Leadership


Zinadarne Taumata-Niania-Taputoro
Waiouru Enviro cup


Florida Harding-Gray  and Mikayla Taitoko
Mrs Donaldson’s Special Award for Literacy


Isabella Tweeddale
WPS House Shield


Waiouru School Academic Achievement Cup for best overall academic student


Crighton Parkinson And

Isabella Tweeddale

Korowai holder (school leader)

The person that encapsulates all of the values of our school – in and outside the school setting.

Cooper Madsen