Our Classes

Welcome to Waiouru School!

Here at Waiouru School we believe that a sense of identity is very important for our students to settle in and become a successful part of our learning community.  So not only are we proud to be WAIOURU we are also proud of our classrooms.  We like to name our classrooms at the start of the year to reflect our students’ ever evolving classroom identity.

Class names will be updated soon for 2020!

Reception and NE with Stacey Buchanan and Shara


Jnrs with Cath Donaldson,


Mid with Adrien Laborde


Snrs with Janine Dyer


The ORRsome Office Crew – Dianne and Kerry

We are an ORRsome lot who know how to make an excellent cup of tea, coffee and at times a mess! We have all the best stickers, and only one of us likes to have nana naps. Come visit us anytime because we work really, really hard and need coffee breaks often.

12 comments on “Our Classes

  1. That is so cool, i love my old class and my old classmates they are so cool and all the teachers there, have a good time to all staff and children

  2. Wow i miss Waiouru i wish i could see you all again but highschools been so busy lately it was good seeing you guys at winter tornament on friday good to catch up with some of you

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