Our Classes

Welcome to Waiouru School!

Here at Waiouru School we believe that a sense of identity is very important for our students to settle in and become a successful part of our learning community.  So not only are we proud to be WAIOURU we are also proud of our classrooms.  We like to name our classrooms at the start of the year to reflect our students’ ever evolving classroom identity.  I am pleased to introduce our classes of 2018.

Thunder Lions (Reception) with Carie King & Christing Wallis

We are called the “THUNDER LIONS” because we are the ROOOOOOOARSOME fearless learners. We play and learn fearlessly all day. We think, we share, and we care about our friends, our class mates, and our school. We are creators, makers and doers. Watch out!! We will use all of your cellotape! Come and visit our cool class anytime, and you will have a roaring good time!

Manahau (Year One to Three) with Stacey Buchanan

Manahau are a group of lively Year 2-3 students…..11 boys and 6 girls! We chose the name Manahau as a way of saying we are a happy class. Our class is a play-based learning class which means we learn through a mixture of free play, playful activities and more traditional approaches to learning. Our teacher, Stacey, works with us either individually or in small groups on reading, writing and maths concepts. We also do some collaborative learning with Thundercats and Rita who are right next door.
We love visitors so if you’re ever in school and want to see what we’re up to pop in.

Ngā Kiwi (Year Three and Four) with Cath Donaldson

Shan Zhanshi (Year Five to Eight) with Marlene Smith

Shan Zhanshi means Mountain Warriors. We like the name because it honours Jason who speaks Mandarin, and because of the links to Ruapehu and the military. The different ages and stages in our class mean that there are lots of opportunities for tuakana – teina – when someone with a skill teaches someone without it. This works from older students to younger but also the other way around. It gives we students many chances to be a leader, depending on what we are learning. From Mondays to Thursdays we have three different teachers – Miss Porter for maths in Block 2, Mrs. Donaldson for reading/writing in Block 3 and in Block 1 and 4 Ms Smith for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) and for social science, art, PE, and whatever else we need or want to learn. On Fridays we spend the whole day in our homeroom with Ms. Smith although we sometimes get together with Miss Porter’s class who are the same ages as us. We are busy! and have already made some amazing 2018 memories at camp.


The Zones (Year Five to Eight) with Sarah Porter

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 5.21.44 PMThe Zones is a group of energetic year 5-8 students and is one of the two senior classes at Waiouru School. We have 22 students in our class – 14 boys and 8 girls. We choose the name ‘The Zones’ because there are different zones (areas) all around Waiouru but they come together to make one town. This is like our class – we have lots of different personalities but together we are ‘The Zones’. We are special because we are a little class with big potential.


The ORRsome Office Crew – With Mārama, Kerry, Tāwhio, and Ngāhuia

We are an ORRsome foursome who know how to make excellent cups of tea, and coffee. We have all the best stickers, and only one of us likes to eat the leaves off the floor. Come visit us anytime because we work really, really hard and need coffee breaks often.

12 comments on “Our Classes

  1. That is so cool, i love my old class and my old classmates they are so cool and all the teachers there, have a good time to all staff and children

  2. Wow i miss Waiouru i wish i could see you all again but highschools been so busy lately it was good seeing you guys at winter tornament on friday good to catch up with some of you

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