About Our School

Our School

Our School: Waiouru School, Ruapehu Road, Waiouru 4826

Our Mission Statement:

Waiouru School is part of a special rural community with a unique ties to the New Zealand Defence Force. Our Mission is to foster the passion for learning, within a community of learners with a strong sense of honour by aiming high and persevering – Ko Te Mana Te Mea Nui.

Vision Statement:

“We will help grow young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners”.

Waiouru School School Motto:

“Ko Te Mana Te Mea Nui – Honour Above All”

Our School Values:

Our Waiouru School students will be encouraged to value:

Honour: By aiming high and persevering in the face of difficulty. Ko Te Mana Te Mea Nui
Creativity: By being innovative thinkers able to think outside the square, we use our imagination and are open minded to new ideas, situations and cultures.
Inquisitiveness: By thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively.
Community Minded: By working well with others, being proud of our community and always striving for fairness and social justice.
Love of Learning: By being curious and passionate about knowledge and understanding.
Leadership: By being honest, responsible, accountable, and acting with integrity.
And to Respect: Themselves, others, our environment and human rights.

The Habits of Mind:

Responding With Wonderment and Awe

Responding With Wonderment and Awe

This is our first year into the lifelong journey of the Habit of Mind.  A “Habit of Mind” means having a disposition towards behaving intelligently when confronted with problems.  Employing “Habits of Mind” requires a composite of many skills, attitudes, cues, past experiences, and proclivities.  It is our goal to embed these “Habits of Mind” into our school curriculum and teaching pedagogies.  We see these “Habits” as a means to enable our students to lead their own learning.  We are currently in the first stage of this process – becoming fluent in the language of The Habits of Mind.

The Habits:

Persisting; Managing Impulsivity; Listening With Understanding and Empathy; Thinking Flexibly; Thinking About Thinking (Metacognition); Striving For Accuracy and Precision; Questioning and Posing Problems; Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations; Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision; Gathering Data through All Senses; Creating, Imagining, and Innovating; Responding with Wonderment and Awe; Taking Responsible Risks; Finding Humour; Thinking Interdependently; Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

The Habits of Mind give learners of all ages and at all stages, a framework for autonomous, lifelong learning. They show us how to behave intelligently, independently and reflectively.

Description Of Our School:

Art Day 2012

Art Day 2012

Waiouru School is a state, co-educational full-primary school for pupils from Years Zero to Eight. The school is centrally located between Taihape and Ohakune in the North Island of New Zealand’s central plateau. Waiouru township is the home of the New Zealand Army and is a major military training camp. Waiouru Military Camp provides at least 90% employment for our community in both military and civilian roles. We are also fortunate to regularly welcome families of the military forces, from our Pacific Island neighbours, for two year placements in Waiouru. This programme of exchange enriches our cultural environment and relationship with the New Zealand Army.

Support provided by the New Zealand Army has significant advantages for Waiouru School with a wide range of support facilities available to our students. These include recreational facilities, sports fields, tennis and squash courts, gymnasium and indoor swimming pool.

Waiouru School is situated on Ruapehu Road in a modern building that was completed June 2011. The previous, now demolished, school buildings were over seventy years old and at their peak housed over 1200 pupils. With the down-sizing of the Waiouru Military Camp and reduction in student numbers, it was deemed that the construction of a new building would be more economical then the refurbishment of the old buildings.

Our Learning Street

Our Learning Street

Our school building is fully weather protected with a large covered “Learning Street” connecting six classrooms, student toilets and library. The bottom of the “Learning Street” opens to a well equipped modern play area, with an excellent adventure playground and basketball court. The top of the “Learning Street” opens to the gallery, with the administration block, teacher resource room and staffroom at one end, with the large school hall, additional student toilets, and storage room at the other.

Classrooms are built in pairs with connected teacher withdrawal spaces, wet rooms and computer spaces. Students have access to a plethora of modern ICT equipment, within a secure wireless network, including desk top computers, Apple iPads and MacBook Airs.