Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available every day and are supplied by ZWaiouru.
Order from the school office before 9am. You can also order and pay at ZWaiouru and they will deliver to the school.

Sausage Roll $3.50
Classic Pie $4.00
Sausage $2.50
Muffin $3.50
Toastie HCO $5.00
Cookie $2.00
Calci milk $2.00
Donuts $3.00
Just Juice Splash $2.70
Toppas $3.50
Kransky or chicken tender $2.00
Chicken/Beef Noodles $3.00

Pie/toppa/Muffin or Sausage roll combos comes with one of these options and an apple and Just juice $6.00

ZWaiouru have also added a fruit iceblock for this term to help cool us down on these warmer days

Ice Block $1.00IMG_2693

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