The Waiouru School Cross Country

Thank you to all of our parent helpers and supporters on the day!!

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Cross Country Results:
Yr 0/1
1st Kayshana, 2nd Mereana, 3rd Nevaeh, 4th Michaela P, 5th Holly.
Yr 2/3
1st Awatea 2nd Mackenzie C, 3rd Michella K-M, 4th Breeanah, 5th Isabella.
Yr 4/5
1st Maddie, 2nd Marghret, 3rd Angel, 4th Morgan, 5th Chelsea.
Yr 6/7
1st Avalon, 2nd Kaea, 3rd Abilene, 4th Ellen.
1st Myah, 2nd Pipi, 3rd Annalise, 4th Karli, 5th Wini
Yr 0/1
1st Zinny, 2nd Kori, 3rd Hunter, 4th Nate, 5th Ihaia N.
Yr 2/3
1st Zanda, 2nd Ignatius, 3rd Teina, 4th Logan, 5th Maafu.
Yr 4/5
1st Kade, 2nd Ihaia M, 3rd Jordan, 4th Ethan, 5th Kennedy.
Yr 6/7
1st Carson, 2nd Jeshua, 3rd Marcus, 4th Kenneth, 5th Tamati.
Yr 8
1st Warren, 2nd Joshua, 3rd Karl.

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