Piwakawaka Are Chicken Scientists

Piwakawaka's Chickens Piwakawaka, thanks to a huge amount of help from their parents, have built a school chicken coop. We have kindly been donated five chickens from the Walker family, and now our little guys have their own chicken farming enterprise!! The chickens will be feed with food scraps, and supplemented with chicken feed. Eggs will be sold at the office to pay for the chicken feed. Now I was a little sceptical that the chicken would lay (I thought the move and getting used to 86 children staring at them might put them off), but low and behold, Piwakawaka came in to show me TWO EGGs!! they had gathered this morning! Well done Piwakawaka and helpers. On a side note, Katrina told me that they are actually ex-battery farm chickens who didn’t have any feathers and were too afraid to leave their house. Doesn’t it feel good to give these creatures and good home, and to provide the kids in our community with such a powerful learning opportunity.Feeding The Chickens

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