Welcome To Our New Website

The Chicken or the Egg?

The Chicken or the Egg?

Welcome to our brand new Waiouru School Website.  We hope this website will be an easier way to keep you all informed of what is currently happening at Waiouru Primary School.  This website will also allow you to easily interact with our students and staff in a safe and secure manner.  We will up date our website regularly with our students learning, and achievements.  Please feel free to leave comments and tell the kids how wonderful you think they are.

We will also use this website as a porthole for you, our community, to access all relevant notices, policies, procedures, and information about our school.

In the near future we will link this website with our classroom blogs, and Facebook page.  The celebration of student learning and achievement will be the primary focus of this school website.  This includes any accomplishments at home, so please email the school office if you have anything to share.

You can navigate through this site by looking at the pages above, which contain everyday information that does not change very often. Or you can scroll through these posts which will act like a digital diary of the currents events and achievements at our school.  The newest posts and updates will always be at the top of the page.  As new posts are added, they will push down the other, older posts in chronological order.

Another way to navigate about website it to use the ‘Categories’ and ‘Tags’ in the right hand column.  If you have missed a notice, click on the ‘Notice Category’ and all of the posts categorised as ‘Notices’ will come to the top.  If you wish to see the latest sports events, click on the ‘Sports Category’ and all of the posts categorised as ‘Sports’ will come to the top.  If you are interested in your particular child’s class, click on their class name tag i.e. ‘Kea’, or ‘Tui’ and you will see only posts which relate to that particular class.

We are constantly seeking to improve the way in which we can improve our communication with you our community so please feel free to use our contact form to give us some feedback.

Nāku noa, nā


By Waiouru School Posted in Notices

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